About Us

Aerostrovilos is an IITM based startup company aiming at manufacturing micro gas turbines for power-based application. We believe that micro gasturbines will be a revolutionizing technology in upcoming years as a portable power source for off grid applications. A few foreign companies have developed the technology in last one decade. We want to build this technology in India to further help the cause of PM’s Make in India campaign.

Founding Members

Rohit Grover


Rohit is an IIT Madras alumni, graduated in 2016 with a background in Aerospace Engineering and has been heading this company since. He also has research experience in spray-combustion diagostics.

Satyanarayanan Chakravarthy


Satyanarayanan has been a faculty member at IIT Madras in Aerospace Department since 1997. He is also the coordinator for National Centre for Combustion Research and Development,IITM.



Pradeep is the ex-MD of Unilumen Photonics, also an IITM based startup. He is also heading a Thermal Power Boiler manufacturing unit since 2008. He has major experience in the field of welding, fabrication and thermal distortion analysis.